And so that was the last one. It was really awesome, probably the best one. Feels like spill is just starting to find itself and now is the end. But dont worry something else will happen! Something really exciting.
Scott filmed the last spill, i wonder what will happen to the footage, would be cool to share it.

A very special edition of SPILL OVER WITH THIS NOISE is taking place on sunday week,
the 25th of november, in the warehouse I live in
this one will be less of a sprawling poetic exploration of a moment...
and more like...
a loosely scripted immersion in a series of things unfolding in the present moment.
I hope you can come it'll be rad
and there will be snacks and love.
and an orchestra.

an early evening of playing with language and sounds

Hope to have your presence wrapped in bows.
Sunday 5th November
Sunset 1858 hours. Gig will start at 6pm.
This is the spoken word, music and experimenting gig that Ive been putting on at my house. It is beautiful and you never know what is going to happen. Im keeping the lineup a secret, so be sure to come and see how it unfolds.
25a Eastment Street, Northcote.
a room full of tealights
words trickling down the walls
spilt wine on the carpet
sticky warm honey covered popcorn
this is a work in progress
watch me progressing
forgetting words and the tune we were playing
and then just flying with it and seeing where else it could go
performing poetry on the floor
kneeling on knees
eyes closed
notes strummed
vibrations echoing into eardrums
being right inside the sounds
right inside this life
and it spilling over.

We had a gig last night, Spill Over With This Noise. I think it was one of the most beautiful gatherings of people sharing their words and sounds and love I have been apart of and in. Yes. Im sure you enjoyed it if you were there. Here are some orange coloured visuals. An interesting way to view sounds. Maybe we'll do it again sometime.

Having an early evening of poems and music soon. Come if you would like too. Alice is coming over from Tassie for the weekend and will share her thoughts through potent words, the spoken kind and Guns of Saint Sebastion will come down the road and play "beautiful music awkwardly" with harp, glockenspiel, drums and noises. Other things will happen, you'll have to be there to find out.
'Spill over with this noise' came from a line in a poem that Tamara wrote. The idea for the gig came from wanting something more from the live music scene in melbourne. We wanted gigs on loungeroom floors with room for spontaneity and improvisation. We wanted delicious things to eat and cups of tea and cushions and friends. A space that felt good to be in and where...something different would happen. A lot of people were involved and at the heart of orchestration two people known as Chay-Ya and Tamara.
so this is a test patterned word slather to see if something works in the way im hoping for.